Support Small Businesses, by Shopping Local at the HBG Flea!

The HBG Flea – One of our favorite monthly events!

We first attended this event as a vendor in February 2019, and immediately recognized how well the event was organized, and how much the residents of Harrisburg and the surrounding areas have grown to trust and enjoy the monthly event. Throughout the day we introduced ourselves to attendees as a first-time vendor and received feedback about how much the regulars have grown to rely on the monthly market for gifts, personal items, household goods, delicious treats, and more. This first month attendees expressed how excited they were to see a CBD company offering goods at the market, especially since we were a local company – The market is the embodiment of #shoplocal and #supportlocalbusinesses!

So what exactly is this magical event that brings the community together each month?

On the first Saturday of each month, vendors set up shop at one of two locations: In the warmer months the event takes place at the Midtown Cinemas at 250 Reily St, Harrisburg PA 17102, and when the cold starts to roll in and the streets are covered in snow, the group stays warm and dry inside of the Strawberry Square at 320 Market St, Harrisburg PA 17101.

The HBG Flea was established in 2015 and held their first market in November of the same year. This market is unique in that vendors apply, and have their applications reviewed on a month-to-month basis. Applicants are judged on originality, quality of items, fit with the aesthetic of the market, and to ensure a good mix of vendors. The number of vendors approved for each category is limited, to ensure the market does not become oversaturated with a specific type of product or service.

The HBG Flea team describes it best on their site – “The HBG Flea brings local artists, artisans, small businesses, and shoppers together once a month, featuring handmade, artisan, and vintage goods. We believe in supporting local businesses and the power of art. We celebrate collaboration, creativity, and community. We love what we do and the city we live in! Come join us and shop among the Midstate’s most creative minds.

Where some events you’ll attend will simply allow all that apply to set up for the event, the organizers of the HBG Flea truly care about the vendors ability to reach the attendees, without overwhelming the attendees… No vendor wants to hear “Oh look, another xyz shop… You’re the 5th one I’ve seen today!”, and this event is organized in such a way that this is avoided in a fair, respectful, and responsible way. They seek to ensure each event has a diverse, healthy mix of new and returning artists and vendors.

The success can be seen in the numbers.

To date, the HBG Flea has held 65 markets since 2015! Each market averages around 60 vendors per market: The outdoor markets being a bit smaller of a space, typically has around 45, while the indoor markets usually have around 70-75 vendors per market!

This means that the organizers have filled approximately 3,500 vendor spaces over the course of the last 4 years! Just take a second and think about that – Whether the vendors were first time attendees, or if they were able to attend multiple markets, that is about 3,500 chances that members of the community have had to meet, talk with, and support local businesses! With living in a digital world, we feel that this is just an absolutely fantastic opportunity for the vendors, and the attendees to interact in person!

Meet the vendors!

We have been honored to have been selected for the market multiple times throughout 2019, and during these markets we always try to share details with our social media followers about the other vendors that will be present, whether as a list in a post, or by sharing photos of goods. It’s always been important to our team to support vendors that we have had an opportunity to meet by sharing their information: It is a small step, but it is an important one and we do so every chance we can, to try and help grow the audience of local business owners and hopefully help them reach people who they otherwise may not have met. Recently we spoke with two vendors about their businesses and experiences at the Flea and are excited to share their information with!

They’re Fine

We recently set up shop at the Midtown Cinema HBG Flea next to, “They’re Fine”, a group comprised of three female, fine artists; Toni, Jessica, and Cecelia. You can follow them on Facebook, by clicking here.

A large majority of their work consists of acrylic paint on canvas; however, they also encompass different media and various paintable surfaces. 

These amazing artists have been sharing their work at HBG Flea since the beginning of 2019. Jessica Pietro states “The HBG Flea carries a great energy and the artistry, creativity and craftsmanship of all the vendors is very unique.” We couldn’t agree more, Jessica! Thank you for taking the time to speak with us – and allowing us the opportunity to view an outside art gallery, featuring art by the three of you!

NūBorn Skin

This is a local company based in South Central PA. NūBorn Skin is an all-natural skincare company that produces products that treat, condition, and help repair all skin types. NBS has a five-star customer review rating and has a growing customer base that spans all across the US and reaches Canada as well as the Philippines. They have increased their popularity thanks to the incorporation of CBD and hemp protein in their best-selling products, which happens to be a 2-step, deep face cleansing system called “tears of Hebe.”

Our team first met the owner of NūBorn Skin in early spring of this year. Cebrum, NūBorn Skin’s CEO, is a knowledgeable and caring individual, who truly puts the research into his work, and cares about making a quality product that impacts the lives of the people he reaches. Click here to find out more about their products.

Let’s head back to Strawberry Square!

With the cool weather officially taking over PA, the HBG Flea is headed back to Strawberry Square for the start of the indoor season at the market. While our team will not be setting up this upcoming month, you can sure bet that we’ll be heading over to enjoy our Saturday morning, perusing the wares of local artists, artisans, and small businesses in search of a way to fulfill our holiday shopping list… and grab a little something for ourselves of course!

You can always check in on to find out which of your local businesses will be at a particular market.

  • Are you in search for some original artwork featuring an inquisitive looking cat wearing a monocle?
  • How about some fresh scents for locally made candles by a family owned company?
  • Oh, we know, you’re looking for a variety of barbeque sauces like nothing you’ve ever seen, to make your meals pop!
  • Need a homemade gorgeous wooden cutting board designed with all of the expertise you would expect from a master woodsman?
  • Maybe you’re just looking for some delicious cookies…
  • Or a bean pie (yes, that is a thing, and yes, it is a-m-a-z-i-n-g… My wife literally does not let me leave the flea without grabbing some when this crew is at the event)?

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Flea!

Whatever your needs, we can pretty much guarantee that they won’t just be met… But they’ll be exceeded if you decide to shop local, support small businesses, and spend your hard-earned dollars in the community where you live to help grow your local economy.

In the days of the big-box stores, and online retail giants there is a lot to be said for meeting the people who run the businesses you are supporting. There is a level of trust that develops that can exceed any and all expectations… You do not want to miss out on this!