Refer a friend or family member to Eunomia CBD products — you'll both receive a $5 discount code!

Have You Heard About Our Refer-A-Friend Bonus?

Do you have a friend or family member who you think may benefit from the Eunomia line of products?

Thanks to our Refer-A-Friend program* there has never been a better time to tell your friends, coworkers, and family members about how Eunomia has helped you.

$5 + $5

When a New Eunomia Customer** checks out on our website, we’ll create a $5.00 discount code for you, and a $5.00 for them. These discount codes can then be used towards future purchases on our website. You can even combine your $5.00 discount codes to save more on your purchase if you have multiple to use!

How Does It Work?

At checkout, the person you refer will simply need to enter in your name (first & last) and email address so that we know where to send the code (see image below)!

How does the Eunomia refer-a-friend bonus work?

While we won’t be able to let you know which of your friends made a purchase (to protect their privacy), you’ll see a discount code coming into your email box from shortly after the purchase is verified so long as they are a first time Eunomia customer!

To be clear, this is not an affiliate program.

Word-of-mouth is so important, and is something we truly appreciate. This Refer-A-Friend bonus program is just our way of thanking you for letting your friends and family know how much you enjoy our products!

The “Small Print”

* Refer-A-Friend discount codes are non-transferable.

* Refer-A-Friend discount codes are valid for one year from the date issued, unless otherwise specified.

* Refer-A-Friend discount codes do not hold any cash value.

* Refer-A-Friend discount code can only be applied for purchases intended for personal use, that are made on and events in-person with an official Eunomia CBD, LLC employee. Refer-A-Friend discount code cannot be applied to purchases made through a reseller of Eunomia CBD, LLC products (including but not limited to purchases made on their websites, retail stores, and events), and cannot be applied to wholesale/bulk orders intended for resale.

* Refer-A-Friend program can be discontinued at any time, and if this does happen, previous Refer-A-Friend discount codes that were earned will remain valid until their expiration date unless otherwise specified.

* When redeeming your Refer-A-Friend discount code, you may combine the discount codes together to cover between $5.00 and the full amount owed in your card, when you have earned multiple Refer-A-Friend discount codes if you wish to do so, or you may use them for separate purchases.

** The New Eunomia Customer that you refer, must include your full name and email address in the Notes section during checkout. If they do not, they can email our team at with their Order # for review within 30 days of their purchase.

** New Eunomia Customer’s are defined as a customer that has not yet purchased a product on (name, email addresses, and mailing addresses are used to determine previous customers) or in person with an official Eunomia CBD, LLC employee.

** Discount codes are sent via email within one week of validating that the purchase was made by a New Eunomia Customer.