Our 2019 December Give-Back Event!


This past month, our team took part in a new type of give-back activity… Random acts of kindness!

While we had set out with the intention of giving back to a local family (or individual) once again this year as we had in 2018, our team had not received any nominations this year.

But that certainly didn’t mean that we were going to cancel our annual give-back day! Instead, we headed out on Christmas Eve… Not in search of a last-minute deal, or to pick up some more wrapping paper, but instead to hand out surprises to local shoppers.

Each individual was picked entirely at random…

The conversations among our team went something like this… “okay, so when we turn down the next aisle, it’ll be the first person we see pushing a cart”, or “we’ll stop at the next drive-thru we see, and give an envelope to the worker at the first window”… That way no matter who it was, the decision was already made, and it was fair and square.

With each envelope, came a monetary surprise, and a note that read:

We hope you enjoyed your surprise today! From the Eunomia CBD team to you, we wish you a happy, healthy, relaxing new year! Our wish for this holiday season, and the upcoming year, is that everyone will be on the lookout for opportunities to spread kindness in the world around them. Whether it is a kind word, a thoughtful gift, or a good deed… To a friend, a family member, a complete stranger, or an animal… There are opportunities to help spread joy and kindness all around us, in big and small ways! Have a wonderful 2020!

From convenience stores, to supermarkets…

Fast food restaurants, to discount stores… We had the absolute pleasure of going around (on what typically is a busy, stressful day of last-minute shopping) to spread a little bit of fun, and excitement into the day, and we hope, a little encouragement of spreading joy throughout the upcoming year.

But for now, we will plan for and continue to look forward to our December 2020 giveback event!