FDA Issues Warning Letters & Public Guidance

Transparency continues to be a top priority for our team. We, along with the U.S. Hemp Roundtable commend the agency for its continuing vigilance against the illegal practice of making disease claims about CBD products, that threatens consumer safety and undermines confidence in the hemp industry. The warning letters that were issued help to ensure that companies remain compliant, and we applaud these efforts.

The U.S. Hemp Roundtable however, has also stated that their organization firmly believes the public guidance offered by the FDA in this most recent update “severely overstates the health risks of hemp-derived CBD” and “ignores most of the scientific evidence of CBD’s safety, in particular at dosage levels typically found in food and dietary supplements“.

Even with this being the thought in the CBD industry, in an effort to remain transparent and provide you with all updates that we feel are pertinent to your CBD journey, we believe that it is our duty to also ensure that you have access to this guidance so that you have this information available when you speak to your healthcare professional about CBD.