CBD & eSports

You may have read Eunomia CBD’s most recent article ‘Sports + Eunomia = Fun For The Whole Family’ (thank you if you did!) but I’d like to expand on that a little as far as the word ‘sports’ and how CBD relates!

However, FYI: This article is not a debate on whether or not eSports are considered a sport!

This is simply an article about why CBD has its place in the gaming world and how it can still be fun for the whole family (or if you’re like me, it’s fun for me alone in my basement as I hone in to my inner Ninja and try to dominate all opponents regardless of the game!)

To start off, a little about me – I’ve had a controller in my hands for as long as I can remember. From Madden in the 90’s, to Nintendo 64’s Rampage or 007 Goldeneye, or even Pac-Man on Atari: Video games have always been a passion of mine. There’s just nothing like the one-on-one competition that you don’t even need to leave the house for.

Playing active sports or games outdoors with family and friends is great, but if I had to vote, you’ll catch me in my own basement (I’ve moved on from my moms basement!) playing games on PS4 or Xbox in my sweats nine times out of ten. So, where does CBD come in? Well, I use CBD to assist me in handling my stress and negative thoughts, as well as a way to help ease the intense aches and inflammation in my back, thumb, and left knee while sitting for extended periods of time playing those beloved games.

Below, we will cover three areas:

  • The growing eSports world
  • The growing CBD world
  • CBD + Video Game

First let’s start with: The Growing eSports World

The Electronic Sports League (THE ESL) is one of the largest and most well-known eSports leagues across the globe. That’s right, this a global sport now! There are hundreds of amateur organizations, but make no mistake, those who are competitively playing (and winning) are making a name for themselves… and in most cases, a legitimate income (click here to check out 2018’s list of the richest Pro Gamers in the world). Gamers have started making money from endorsements, sponsors, affiliates, and through winning and placing in tournaments. Their incomes oftentimes will even include donations from fans for those who stream their gameplay. It’s a sort of crowdfunding if you will – A way for fans to encourage and support those that they follow.

At one point in time, gaming was frowned upon as something only a ‘lonely adult’ or a child participated in, but that view on gaming is no more! Now, it is well-known and respected globally… from the US to Amman… from Finland to Lebanon… from Bulgaria to Germany… and far beyond! Professional athletes are even getting into the eSports world, sometimes even as themselves. Back in 2014, a well-known viral video was released as a trailer for the Madden 15 video game, called Madden Season or #MaddenSZN as the kids would say, featuring the likes of Kevin Hart, Dave Franco, Richard Sherman, Von Miller, Damian Lillard, Colin Kaepernick, LeSean McCoy, Dez Bryant, and many more. This is just scratching the surface of celebrity endorsements and testimonials.

Now, we’re in 2019, which means EA Sports’ Madden 20 was released as I was writing this! This game features Patrick Mahomes on the cover and will also be bringing in new names like Kyler Murray, Nick Bosa, and Quinnen Williams (the top three picks in this year’s NFL Draft) for gamers to use.

Kyle Giersdorf…. Do you recognize that name? Because I sure didn’t before ESPN’s Sportscenter Facebook page made a post about him just earlier today… This 16-year-old kiddo just won the Fortnite Tournament Championship and has now made more than Tiger Woods, Novak Djokovic, and Brooks Koepka at Wimbledon, The Masters, & this PGA Season respectively…

Playing video games, he won $3,025,900!  You can’t win a purse like that if there aren’t tons of sponsors and marketing opportunities from different companies involved… Whether it’s an Astro Headset, a Dell or HP Monitor, a SecretLabs Titan Gaming Chair, a YETI Microphone, a Logitech Camera, a SCUF controller, or simply a Microsoft Xbox or a Sony Playstation logo somewhere throughout, all of these companies and more are now involved with Video Game Tournaments and Leagues all over the world.

After a long time on top, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberk, aka PewDiePie, is now the second-most subscribed YouTube channel, with almost 100 million subscribers. PewDiePie, a Swedish YouTuber, who is also a college dropout, has become an online gaming personality with an average of 180 million views per month and earns about $7.50 for every 1000 views… This means he brings in about a million dollars a month and is currently estimated to have a net worth of $30 million – From online video game streaming!

So, the stigma has been all but eradicated, celebrities and professional sports players are supportive of this industry, the eSports world allows for people to connect and make friends, join groups and clubs, and again, the big one, potentially make money doing so!

Next up! The Growing CBD World

This one is something you may have started to notice… CBD is popping up everywhere!

As we touched on in a previous blog post, your extraction process is incredibly important and is a huge part in what separates one CBD from the next, so please do your research on the CBD you intend to purchase before simply grabbing something off the shelf of a random store or purchasing from a random friend online.

If you follow Eunomia CBD, you know that this summer we announced that we are in a AAA League Baseball Stadium (and that we also have another announcement coming soon regarding a completely different league and sport that we signed a contract with… Stay tuned!). We firmly believe that someday you will see CBD in your favorite professional, college, and local sports stadiums as well; it’s just a matter of time.

Finally… CBD + Video Games?

Like any other Professional Sports League, eSports are a professional league with standards such as guidelines for ‘Performance Enhancing’ substances and/or drug testing. Wild right?!

Drug testing for video gamers? Who would’ve thought!

The Electronic Sports League began required testing in 2015 for any performance enhancing drugs being used by competitive gamers in their leagues and tournaments.

CBD is typically an all-natural product, depending on how it was processed (check out that link above) and this is important because CBD does not have the side-effects of other preferred products amongst gamers such as Adderall, caffeine, energy drinks, etc. which all have very harmful side effects. We get it, tough decision – get that awful feeling of not having enough caffeine or having too much caffeine, or take some citrus-y Orange 500mg Oil… hmmm.. we know what we’d choose!

So, is CBD the answer for gamers? It could be! The ESL has stated that they do prohibit the use of CBD during events or gameplay, but are more than okay with the use of cannabis products in some instances in gamers’ own personal time; however, personally I’m not sure how they’re able to determine before or during use, but hey, we’ll take what we can get! Allowing competitors not to be banned for their personal use of CBD and other cannabis products outside of competition is an extremely huge step for the Cannabis and eSports industries! Which could potentially lead to other sports leagues following.

But Dayne, seriously, WHY CBD?” you ask…

It’s a way to relax, it helps with the racing thoughts and frustrations, it helps to reduce social stressors for many, it helps individuals focus on the task at hand, and can even help out with the stress and discomfort of sleeping in that random hotel if you’re lucky enough to be on tour for tournaments, etc. The more time that passes, the more tests and trials that are done, and the more we continue to hear about new uses for CBD in all sorts of scenarios.

Many gamers have been using CBD for quite some time; however, are now just beginning to use CBD in the spotlight because it’s permitted via their leagues that have followed the lead of the ESL.

I’d like to let you in on why I personally use CBD when playing video games:

I use it for those evenings when I just don’t feel like talking, or when I’m having difficulty focusing and being patient.

  • Maybe it’s my negative thoughts or the tendency of my brain to stress out, or maybe I’ve just had a long day making phone calls, being social, and don’t really feel like talking but still really want to play. This is especially important in games such as Call of Duty, Apex, PUBG, and others that require excellent communication skills amongst you and your team if you want to succeed. When I’m silent and retract to my shell, I’m no good to my team. Some CBD gets me a clear mind and the ability to start communicating effectively, focus, and have better patience – Most importantly it helps put me in a good mood. The last thing I’d want is to have a Leeroy Jenkins moment just because I wasn’t focusing and being patient!

I use it for those times when I am trying to complete a certain task that’s a little harder than most or maybe a small local online tournament where the stakes are a little higher.

  • My concentration and ability to avoid becoming irritated when I can’t complete something is completely useless if I can’t stay focused. Therefore, I have had to find something to help because focusing is important in all games but can be even more so for games such as Madden, NBA2K, FIFA, etc. where you are typically facing the computer or an opponent one-on-one. You want laser focus during these times and to be able to block out all distractions, and CBD certainly helps me do that.
  • This is, I’m sure, where my business partner would like for me to let you know that within a week of starting Jason Nash’s Carpool Dad, after taking several drops of our 1000mg sublingual tincture right before playing, she was able to get the high score, and then beat her own high score, and she still holds one of the top spots in the game (I’ll give her credit – In other words, hey, she’s trying to start playing online games in her own way!)

Lastly, I use it for when I’m sitting in the chair for hours on end.

  • This is certainly no favor to my already crooked spine or partially torn meniscus but standing up while playing is just not my cup of tea. When I’m not gaming, I am typically working from my home office, so I practically live in a computer chair. CBD helps with aches and inflammation, and for me it alleviates my throbbing knee and aching back, making me more comfortable, which tends to allow me to be more relaxed, and opens up more mind power for concentration. It’s almost the Circle of Life for your body if you will, shout out to The Lion King. Now, CBD when taken in appropriate servings doesn’t make me so relaxed that I can’t focus, it just leads to enough relaxation that allows me to concentrate and target the job needing to be done.

Above all, if you have any questions regarding CBD and feel that you want some one-on-one questions answered, please feel free to reach out to the Eunomia CBD team and we would be happy to assist. Ask us through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or info@eunomiacbd.com – whatever is most comfortable for you, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Or… if you’re thinking you’d like to play the CEO of Eunomia CBD, yours truly, feel free to reach out, but don’t think I’m taking it easy; the customer is always right until you’ve challenged a gamer!

Thank you for reading along, now get some rest so you can play the brand-new Madden 20!