What Type Of Program Is This?

We have designed this program to be as straightforward, simple, and beneficial for YOU as possible.

When you sign up as an Affiliate with Eunomia, you will find that there will be no obligation for you to meet any sort of minimums each month: No BV, no PV, no XYZ-V.

In addition, and potentially even more importantly, you do not have to spend a single penny out of your own pocket to sign up, and there is no “downline” for you to create.

Why Now?

As we type this on our left monitor, we are watching the Coronavirus Task Force update on our right monitor. Each and every day, our country, and the world for that matter, is experiencing all sorts of “firsts”. Times are uncertain right now, and each week that’s passed these past few months we’ve seen more and more family members, friends, and associates being laid off.

Now more than ever, individuals are at home and are hoping to find a way to help support their households.

Since day one, we have made every effort to be there for the communities we have an opportunity so serve. Over the past few weeks, we have worked together with our legal and finance teams, and industry experts to develop a program that is designed to help YOU.

So… How Does This Work If There Is No Downline, Right-Legs, Left-Legs, BV, PV, Etc.?

Very simply. And we are proud of that. Commission = 15% of the product total (commission is not paid on the shipping or tax charges).

  1. You create an Affiliate Account.
  2. We’ll provide you with a unique link that you will share with your friends, family, and followers. We will also provide you with a bundle of images that we’d encourage you to share across your social channels to help visualize what you’re talking about.
  3. You share your link! You can combine it with any of the images that we’ve made for you, or you can use it on its own. It’s your choice!
  4. When someone uses your link to make a purchase, you will see your balance grow in your Affiliate Dashboard!
  5. Purchases must be made by US residents age 18 or older, using your affiliate link to be eligible for commission. Commission is not calculated on personal orders placed by Affiliates, as Affiliates will periodically have access to special discounts not available to the public.

How Will I Receive My Funds?

We have two options currently (Check and ACH), but we are working on expanding this so that you’ll have even more options to choose from!

Current Process:

  • Whether you’ve earned a penny, or hundreds of dollars, your first payment will be sent out two weeks after your first order is received. Payments will then be sent every week thereafter when you have funds built up (we’ll also make sure to break this down for you specifically when we see your first order come in so that you’ll know when to check for your payments!).
  • Currently, you first payment will be sent to you by check to the mailing address you have provided. The check will be payable to the first and last name you have provided on your Affiliate Account (this is to verify that the information on your Affiliate Account is accurate). Please remember not to use any nicknames for legal purposes in order to prevent any delays.
  • After your first check has been sent and you have received this, you will be provided with the option to sign up for payment through ACH, or continue to receive a check.
  • Tax reporting: If you would prefer to use your business name and EIN as opposed to your personal name and SS#, that is a-okay! The main stipulation here is that the identification number you are reporting under must match the name and address that you’re keeping on file.

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