Eunomia CBD offers a 22% discount for military and first responders

22% OFF Military &
First Responder Discount

Are you a first responder or member of the military?

Eunomia is proud and excited to offer you and the members of your direct household an exclusive 22% discount.*

If you make it your duty to serve our country and local communities, we want to give back and offer you our appreciation! Please be sure to know if taking CBD products is allowed with your current line of work and by your employer prior to adding CBD into your daily routine. Please check with a supervisor for approval and consult your physician if you have any specific medical related questions.

Why 22%?

The VA previously released a study** finding that (after adjusting for differences in age and sex) risk for suicide was 22% higher among Veterans when compared to US non-Veteran adults. Our team feels strongly about supporting those who have dedicated their lives to supporting others.

Has Eunomia Helped You?

We would also love to hear your story if you choose to share it with us. Many Military and First Responders have taken us up on our offer so far! We are always ecstatic to read about positive, sometimes life-changing results that they have reported back to us. If you’d like to leave a review on our website about the product/products that have helped you, we greatly appreciate it!

How to Receive Your Unique Discount Code!

If you would like to take advantage of this discount, please fill out the form below to begin the process by using your military/first repsonder email as the point of contact. Once your message is received, you will be contacted back to confirm.

If you do not have a military or first responder email address, we will respond to the email address you provide asking you to provide an image that displays your proof of service as a member of the military or as a first responder. If providing an ID, we encourage you to redact any sensitive information that is located on the ID for your own security. (Please do not send images containing personal identification numbers, such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, etc.)


The “Small Print”

* 22% off discount code can only be applied for purchases intended for personal use, that are made on and events in-person with an official Eunomia CBD, LLC employee. Discount code cannot be applied to purchases made through a reseller of Eunomia CBD, LLC products (including but not limited to purchases made on their websites, retail stores, and events), and cannot be applied to wholesale/bulk orders intended for resale.

* You will receive your unique 22% off discount code within 1 business day of verification.

* 22% off discount code cannot be applied to past orders.

* 22% off discount code cannot be combined with other coupons.

* 22% off discount code CAN be combined with Refer-A-Friend discounts.

* You are welcome to share your 22% off discount code to any individuals that share your mailing address. 22% off discount codes may not be honored if used for purchases being shipped to alternate addresses unless otherwise discussed an approved by a Eunomia representative. 22% off discount code may become invalid if shared with, or used by individuals outside of the household address attached to the code.

* If your mailing address changes, simply let us know in the notes section at checkout. You may also email so that we may update your records!

** Visit to learn more