2020’s Top 10 Stocking Stuffers for Your College Student

This year has been, shall we say, unprecedented? 2020 has been chaotic for everyone. Have you talked to a college student recently about how they are doing with online classes, not as much of a social life, and everything in between? Well, coming from a current student I can tell you… We are not okay! Christmas is a time students look forward to because for a few short weeks there’s no stress about school. It’s just time to be with family and friends.

Even though Christmas and the holidays might look and feel a little different this year, there are still traditions that we look forward to. Like going through a stocking full of goodies to see what Santa (aka, YOU awesome, wonderful people) put together! Seriously, hot chocolate in hand… Wearing a set of fresh new Christmas pj’s… Digging through our stocking. Does it get any better than this?

As someone who is heading home for the holidays, I thought I’d share some things that I know my friends and I would love this year.

Below you’ll find a few stocking stuffers you can get your college student for Christmas. Things they’ll really enjoy taking back with them when they go back to college!

1. Vogek Earbuds

I don’t know a single college student who doesn’t enjoy listening to music. Music is an escape, and I bet they will enjoy seeing a pair of headphones in their stocking this Christmas! These earbuds can be found on Amazon for an amazing low price right now so you could even grab an extra pair!

2. Bath Bombs

Many of us are working and going to school, which means there really isn’t much we can do as far as me-time goes. But one thing that’s popular is taking a nice hot bath, which is especially relaxing this time of year.

Making bath bombs can be a fun thing to do (like these No-Fail Coconut Oil BB’s). But if you’re looking to skip the DIY this year and really step it up a notch, check out our Eunomia CBD BB’s! With 50mg of THC-free nano-amplified CBD each, they’re great to unwind after a day full of classes, work, and sports.

We of course offer a discounted bundle of four for those wanting to try multiple, but my two fav’s are the Lavender and Sweet Dreams!

3. Menthol Relief Lotion

Whether your college student plays sports, is sick and achy, or is someone who just needs some TLC, think about getting this lotion. It not only helps the muscles and joints, but it also has a great scent. It isn’t like the menthol creams of the past, where everyone in the room knows you’re using it, it’s just a super mild scent to enjoy.

4. Gas Station Gift Cards

I get SO excited when I see a Sheetz (or any other gas station gift cardI see you Wawa lovers, I see you…) in my stocking. College kids would much rather spend the little money they have on anything other than gas (or at least I would).

When going home or on a trip, I know I won’t have to worry about how much money I can put in my tank. Filling up for a week while being able to get a snack and coffee can make my whole week! I bet your college student will appreciate it too.

5. Tile Mate Key Finder

This is a great stocking stuffer that will, in the long run, help you and your college student out. Attach it to any key or bag and it uses Bluetooth to help locate your missing items. I wish I had one of these the times I’ve had to replace my keys after a night out with friends.

6. CBD Gummies

No one is ever too old to get treats in there their stockings. Now that your little kids are young adults, think about getting them gummies that do more than just taste good.

Our CBD gummies are not just a great treat. They also can be used if your college student has a rough sleep schedule, needs some help focusing, or is getting overwhelmed from the chaos of school.

We even have CBD Multivitamins! Let’s be honest. Vitamins probably aren’t the first thing your college student would be thinking about when they look into their stocking Christmas morning… But, I can guarantee you they will appreciate them down the road.

These fruity little treats have so many benefits. Let them be another tool in your belt in supporting your student’s overall health. We all know college students aren’t always putting their bodies first so any little thing helps!

7. Deck of Cards

Here’s a quick an easy stocking stuffer gift I know would be put to good use while your child is up at college.

Whether your college student is having a relaxing game night or they’re out with friends, you can never go wrong with a simple deck of cards!

8. CBD Lollipops

Speaking of getting delicious treats in your stocking, no matter the age you are, lollipops are always exciting to get.

Think about getting sour apple or strawberry CBD infused lollipops to put in your students stocking this Christmas. It’s really just a bonus that they are red and green so they stick to the holiday theme!

9. Lottery Tickets

Another place you can never go wrong, is with the potential of winning money! These are fun and easy stocking stuffers to get when you’re in a rush and need something that will make your kid (and anyone really) happy. I look forward to lottery tickets in my stocking every year, even if I only win a dollar or two.

10. CBD Peppermint, Orange or Natural Oil

My favorite is the peppermint. The soothing effects of peppermint mixed with the other amazing properties in CBD makes this a great last minute gift for a student who needs to relax. But, we carry orange and natural flavors as well!

Our oil’s come in 1000mg, 500mg, and even in 250 mg bottles. The 250mg makes them all that much more affordable to try out!

The lesser mg simply means that each drop has a bit less CBD per drop. 0.7mg’s per drop in the 250mg bottles, vs. the 1.4mg’s per drop for our 500mg oil, and 1.7mg’s per drop for our 1000mg oil.

The lower mg option is a fantastic option to start out with, and to see which flavor is the favorite for future orders.

CBD Oil can be that extra awesome present right at the end of the stocking. It can be used for so many purposes whether you need to relax, help with aches, focus, and more.

Bonus Gift Idea: Hemp infused Pet Oil

Many college students have little furry friends that help them get through school. Seeing something to make their pet excited brings them just as much joy as if the gift were for themselves! CBD oil for pets can help them in many of the same ways it helps us: They have an endocannabinoid system just like we do!